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The company three strict three topics on learning education third

On the afternoon of November 13, the company focus on "to use strict in grab get right on the job really, real in the entrepreneurial life, set up the loyal, clean, play the new image" the theme of "strict three real third thematic study. Company leaders Han Ruiming, Cao Zhihong, Li Zonghuai, Li Hualing, Shao Hua, He Xindong, Feng Bin, Liu Yanqing to participate in the study and discussion. The party will guide Wang Lijie group.
The meeting. Everybody closely around the theme focuses on reading of the "Xi Jinping on clean government and anti-corruption struggle discuss excerpts of" the five, six, seven, eight four parts, and the actual in-depth discussion according to their own situation and company. Combining with the research between China and South Korea Ruiming company actual situation, the author puts forward two requirements: first, under the current complex and volatile economic situation, faced with the operating pressure, leading cadres to the right to use the strict, grab get right on the job really, carry forward the spirit of the nail to do a good job of work, lead us to seek development. Two is combined with the central requirements, in doing a good job in the establishment of a chapter on the basis of honest government, the end of the company to complete the revision of the company system, the system established, the discipline is in the front. Next year the focus on supervision and inspection of the implementation of the system implementation and system.
Group Party Wang Lijie affirmed on the study. She said that the seminar is fully prepared, detailed process, distinctive features. Each leaders are combined with the actual work of the in-depth study is a pragmatic, high-quality research.
Import and export company will in accordance with the requirements of the central and group, conscientiously do a good job the work of "strict three real special education next.