Company Profile

Sinoma Import & Export upholds the philosophy of “creating value for customers, offering returns to shareholders, and helping employees grow in work and life”. Operating in good faith, according to the law, and in line with business ethics. Sinoma Import & Export strives to achieve sustained, steady growth and create maximum value, to encourage its employees to improve themselves, and work together to build the company into a socially responsible enterprise trusted by customers and respected by the public.

Striving to cultivate employees' recognition of and loyalty to the company to form cohesion.

The following Six Principles are advocated among employees both in daily work and external cooperation.

Simplicity: do a good job and deliver good performance

Economy: create maximum value with reasonable input

Focus: focus on improving the quality of work

Responsibility: take on due responsibilities

Cooperation: strive for win-win results with an open mind

Honesty: comply with the law, contract and rules